May 16, 2022

I had my MRI this morning. I hope to get the results within a few days, which should shed light on how I can go about curing this long term pain in my heel. I’m not sure if it might involve minor surgery, but I should know soon.

I finished my European leg of the world run in Istanbul on this day in 2013. The video and photos give you a hint of what it was like, as do the blog posts below. It was certainly a good feeling, as was the finish to all continents, but it was also significant because I knew I now only had one full continent to cross, and that was Australia.



May 14, 2013


Distance today = 47.96 km; Total distance = 20,918.42 km; Location = Seymen – 41 07.053′ N, 27 54.605′ E; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1648


With much of the day spent running in constant drizzle on a busy highway, with lots of semi-trailers passing me, it was not one of my favourites. The positive was that the temperature was down.

I was again on the D100, but it is getting more and more congested as I make my way closer to Istanbul. I passed through the city of Corlu, which I thought would be a nice peaceful town. Instead, it seemed its quarter million population was mostly out in the streets – it was a huge place, that was totally abuzz.

I eventually made it to our accommodation for the night – a five star hotel called the Silverside. The day was a little short, but I wanted to get in to the hotel so we could avail ourselves of the amenities. There is even a large snooker table, so I reckon Barry and I will be having a few games tonight. The girls are already heading down for a Turkish bath.

The car was unable to find me in Corlu today, so it was impractical for Barry to run with me. We’ll see if he can make up the 29 km required to reach his century in the next two days.

I will reach Istanbul on Thursday. Finishing a continent always requires a decision on where to stop. Ideally, it is some sort of focal point of the city, such as an airport. But I also need to finish within a kilometre of the ocean. In fact, it is my intention to dip my toe in the water. So, luckily for me, Istanbul Airport is immediately adjacent to the Sea of Marmaras. Therefore, I have decided to finish my European leg at the water’s edge, just past the airport.


May 15, 2013


Distance today = 49.90 km; Total distance = 20,968.32 km; Location = Kumburgaz – 41 01.507′ N, 28 27.969′ E; Start time = 0910, Finish time = 1712


I saw and smelled the ocean today for the first time in four months. I had run about 13 km when I crested a hill, and there before me was the Sea of Marmaras. It’s not very big on a world scale, but it still counts as a sea. In fact, you can’t see the other side, so it looks just like the Pacific or any other large ocean.

The second half of the day was spent running close to the sea or, in some cases, right alongside it. The Turks obviously value the real estate along the sea shore, as it is a non-stop strip of shops and residential buildings.

Barry ran the last 15 km with me today, which bring him up to 86 km in total. Will he manage 14 km tomorrow, on my final leg into Istanbul?

Happy birthday to Libby when she awakes in a few hours in Sydney. Last year we celebrated her birthday in Nebraska. Wow, it really doesn’t seem a whole year ago.

PS The Garmin was somehow turned off today, and missed 5.12 km of the run, calculated via Google Earth. I have added this missing distance back into the stats, giving a total of 49.90 km for the day.

PPS Now, this is what a world run is all about. I am here on the seventh floor of our hotel, enjoying an Efes beer, while watching the sun set over the Sea of Marmaras and listening to the exotic sound of a wailer calling the local people to prayer from the minaret of a nearby mosque.


May 16, 2013


Distance today = 39.82 km; Total distance = 21,008.14 km; Location = Istanbul – 40 58.591′ N, 28 52.951′ E; Start time = 0849, Finish time = 1522


Wow, what a day of milestones. Not only did I complete my run across Europe, the third of four continents I will traverse on my run around the world, but I also passed 21,000 km AND I passed the 80% completion mark. And, of course, that’s also three continents that Carmel has driven across – what a brilliant support crew!

The weather was beautiful again, especially with the sea breeze off the water. The road was very busy, but I had to expect that from a city with a population (so I’ve been told) of 18 million – the largest in Europe. I must say, Istanbul has grown significantly in the twenty seven years since I was here last. It is huge!

Amazingly, I was passed three times today by the four French cyclists I had run into a few days ago. I guess that’s what happens when you’re all heading in the same direction. Carmel snapped some photos of them as they went by her.

Despite the run being very close to the sea all day, it was also very hilly. The last part flattened out, which Barry appreciated, as he ran the final 14 km with me. That means he has completed exactly 100 km with me over the past 11 days from Sofia. Not bad for a previous non-runner (although I’ve seen him do a lot of running on the touch football field and tennis court). Well done, Barry.

We now need to deliver the car back to Munich before we can leave Europe. The plan is to have a look around Istanbul tomorrow, then take a few days to drive the car the 2,000 km to Munich, then fly to Kuala Lumpur for the short Asian leg. For those who are unaware, the rules state I need to run across at least four continents from “ocean to ocean”. My four are North and South America, Europe, and Australia. However, I want to do at least some running in Asia, so I will trek from KL to Singapore, prior to running across Australia.

I will be starting in KL on May 23, but will occasionally update the blog with relevant information in the interim. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, we’re about to crack the champagne.