May 18, 2013

Distance today = 0 km; Total distance = 21,008.14 km; Location = Istanbul – 40 58.591′ N, 28 52.951′ E; Start time = n/a, Finish time = n/a

It was nice to have a free day in Istanbul yesterday, where we all headed into the city to look around the historic sites. The city truly has a history.

Carmel and I will shortly bid farewell to Debbie and Barry, and we’ll start the long drive back to Munich to drop off the car. It’s complicated as to why it needs to go back to Munich, but there was no choice.

It’s been fantastic having Deb and Barry along for the past two weeks. They’ve been a great help, and also a nice accompaniment during the day and in the evenings. Thanks guys.

I also think, at this time of finishing another continent, it’s worth reiterating about Carmel’s contribution to run. Not only has she driven across three continents now (plus the length of New Zealand), but she has performed multiple roles each day – finding accommodation each night, keeping me stocked with drinks and food during the day, dealing with the daily updating of many aspects of the communications and web site, and all manner of other tasks. And, of course, the thing that most people know her for – her amazing photography. What a talented girl!

I know this info is a bit late in coming, but if you’re in Australia, watch the National Nine News at 6 pm tonight (May 18), and the Today Show tomorrow morning (May 19) for two news stories about the world run.

Keep watching this space for intermittent updates, prior to me starting the Asian leg on the 23rd.