May 2, 2015

Later today I’ll be running from the northern suburbs of Wollongong to the Sutherland Relay for Life event at Sylvania. I’ve been asked by the organiser, the irascible Reefton Humblewood, to enter the stadium and do a few laps – a bit of an interlude for the thousands who walk and run around the track all day long, raising money for cancer research.

In 2008 I ran 100 km around the same track during the Relay for Life event – 250 laps in 8:45 (although I took a 41 minute lunch break with friends). In 2009 I used the Relay as the finishing point for my 1,000 km Melbourne to Sydney run. So, it will be good to be back, if only for a few laps at the track itself, although I’ll be running roughly a marathon to get there. I’m pretty confident my Achilles will hold up, so long as I stay on the roads and sidewalks.

On a different topic, I forgot to mention something that happened a couple of weeks ago. Carmel and I were staying in a motel in Braidwood with Carmel’s extended family as part of a weekend away. We were in Room 8. But let’s backtrack a little. In 1970 a movie about Ned Kelly was filmed in the Braidwood region – with Mick Jagger playing the part of Ned Kelly. As it turned out, the movie crew used the same motel as one of their accommodation options. And it was at this motel that Mick stayed. And guess which room was his – yes, Room 8. After staying in the same room as Somerset Maugham in an ancient chateau in Spain during the world run, we’re beginning to amass quite a collection of celebrity rooms – if you can call two a ‘collection’.

Today’s photo is from the South Island of New Zealand, just south of Oamaru. As you can see, it was a beautiful region in which to run.



On This Day


May 2, 2012

Distance today = 48.04 km; Total distance = 5913.11 km; Location = Loveland, Colorado – 40 24.478′ N, 105 03.123′ W; Start time = 0913, Finish time = 1619


All downhill today, through an amazing gorge – the Big Thompson Canyon. It runs from Estes Park, down through the Rocky Mountain National Park, to Loveland. The scenery is spectacular, and I saw some of the cutest little camping spots imaginable. The canyon does have a dark side, though. In 1976 a flash flood killed 140 people. No sign of rain today, however.

The morning started with local journalist, Lisa, coming out to do an interview, along with photographer, Walt. Local runner, Terry, joined us too, and after the interview we all headed off down the road to begin my day of running. It was great to have some company on the road – I haven’t had much of late. They departed after about 5 km. I am now looking forward to hearing how Lisa does in the New York Marathon later this year. I think she’ll be setting a stunning new personal best.

When I reached Loveland (a place I’m sure was named after Brian Love), I was met by another local journalist, Jessica, who took various photos and videos, and then conducted a short interview.

So, it’s been a full day, especially on the press level. I also passed the milestone of 4,000 km in the US today. Another couple of days and I’ll be past the 6,000 km mark in total.


May 2, 2103

Distance today = 50.01 km; Total distance = 20,323.27 km; Location = Niska Banja, Serbia – 43 18.100′ N, 22 03.324′ E; Start time = 0833, Finish time = 1733


It was cooler today – it only reached 34 C.

The good news was, with the help of some hints on treatment from friends and readers, my heel spur was much better today. I will quote Bob Dylan again, and “won’t speak too soon, for the wheel’s still in spin”, but the signs are positive. There was still some pain early, but the second half of the day was much better.

This obviously allowed me to enjoy the day more fully. The weather was again stunning, although still too hot for running.

I reached the city of Nis by the early afternoon, a place we have visited once before. It was in 1986, with our good friends, Vanessa and PT, along with another (now) friend, Robyn. I say “now”, because we had only just met Robyn in Istanbul at the time, while we were travelling with V & P. She was going to hop a bus to Belgrade, but agreed to a lift in V & P’s yellow Kombi as far as Nis, and then a bus to Belgrade (the rest of us were heading to Dubrovnik).

We got into Nis very late at night, and decided to have a rest day, which included a fancy dress party in the camping ground. I went as an elephant. Fun times, and now we’re back again, minus our friends. However, we all still keep in touch and see each other from time to time, and I’m sure they all fondly remember the fancy dress party in Nis.

Anyhow, Nis is much bigger now, and it appears that the camping ground does not exist anymore. What a pity!

I finished my run about 14 km to the east of the city. Tomorrow I will continue towards Bulgaria.

PS Although he is safely tucked away in bed now, it’s a big happy 7th birthday to the Ty-Man.