May 20, 2016

Nearly a week after tearing my left calf, it’s still 5 cm (2 inches) greater in circumference than my right calf. That’s quite a bit of swelling. It’s still very sore and I’m limited to a few kilometres of very slow running. In fact, I can’t run up hill at all. The flat is hard, but downhill is not too bad.

Just a reminder to follow both Serge Girard on his run around the world and Tony Mangan on his walk around the world. Serge continues to set a cracking pace and will likely obliterate the world record. Their respective web sites are sergegirard.fr and https://www.facebook.com/tony.mangan.14

Below is a photo of me running in Argentina during my world run. This was on a back road close to Buenos Aires. The dirt was actually quite firm and the road was extremely quiet, so it was nice for running.


Argentina Back Road


On This Day


May 20, 2012

Distance today = 51.61 km; Total distance = 6508.89 km; Location = Chadron, Nebraska (16 km north of) – 42 56.102′ N, 103 04.742′ W; Start time = 0845, Finish time = 1647



Nebraska – cold and windy one day, beautiful the next! Yep, today was a perfect day for running – no wind, sunny skies, and moderate temperatures.

I began with 21 km before stopping at the Chadron State Park, where the girls had set up a small picnic by a pond. That was a very nice interlude in a beautiful setting.

I then ran into the town of Chadron, where I had a quick lunch at our motel. However, I forgot that when my watch comes into close proximity with my computer, it downloads the data. That’s why I have two Garmin links today – one for pre-lunch, and one for post-lunch.

The afternoon saw me cover another 16 km, which leaves me only about 10 km from the South Dakota state border. I’ll cross the state line tomorrow morning.

I’d like to thank the Economy 9 Motel in Chadron for providing a discount and an extra room for last night and tonight. The Nebraska generosity appears to be boundless. Hopefully South Dakota will be the same.