May 24, 2013

Distance today = 49.05 km; Total distance = 21,057.19 km; Location = Masjid Tanah – 02 19.900′ N, 102 03.891′ E; Start time = 0920, Finish time = 1726


Shattered! That’s the best description of how I feel.

I think I have failed to drink enough during the day. I’m working hard on rehydrating now. As I’ve mentioned in the past, the first day back after a week off, results in inexplicable soreness. My thighs, in particular, are very sore too. And that’s not all. The constant sweating soaked my shorts (and singlet), and this always ends up causing chafing – not from thigh on thigh, but from nylon on thigh. It is so bad that the chafing is weeping plasma.

So, I’m not in good shape. As anyone who has been to Singapore, Hong Kong, or other South-east Asian locations can attest, the humidity is intense. But try running 50 km in it.

Otherwise, it was a nice day of running. The people are very friendly and interested in why I’m here, and I ran past many unusual sights – herds of water buffalo by the road, for example. I was a bit worried that the bulls would have a go at me.

Hopefully, what I’ve learned from today can be implemented tomorrow, and I will feel a lot better. I really don’t need to average 50 km per day while in Malaysia, so I might cut the distance down a bit. Wouldn’t that feel good?

Carmel was, again, a great support crew, but silly me declined the drinks she was offering me on many occasions. I won’t be tomorrow.