May 25, 2012

Distance today = 52.79 km; Total distance = 6751.28 km; Location = Wicksville (8km west of) – 44 05.775′ N, 102 41.320′ W; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1654



The third day of rain in a row. That’s more than I’ve experienced in the past four and a half months. But it wasn’t heavy, and proved quite comfortable to run through. It was also the coldest day for quite a while, but I was suitably rugged up.

Not much to report, except that I passed 3,000 miles in the US. The tracker is showing me in the town of Wall, although my run position is some 42 km the west. I’m based in Wall for two nights, so there’ll be no tracker update tomorrow. There are also two Garmin links today, as the cold weather caused the watch battery to die earlier than normal.

I’d like to finish with a big thank you to Jay and Alicia at the Big Sky Lodge in Rapid City. Besides being very nice people and running a top-notch motel, they also provided the room free of charge. Thanks guys – another example of fantastic generosity.