May 26, 2012

Distance today = 52.61 km; Total distance = 6803.89 km; Location = Wall (10 km east of) – 43 56.194′ N, 102 09.174′ W; Start time = 0915, Finish time = 1700


What a horrible day for running!!! It was cold and foggy all day long, and the breeze was against me. Even though it wasn’t raining, there was so much moisture in the fog that I ended up soaked anyway. It’s not nice when you have a cold breeze blowing on wet clothes for hours on end.

But I survived, and managed 52.6 km. It was also the first day of running below 1,000 metres in altitude since March 16.

However, another downside to the day was all the running I had to do on the I-90 Freeway. Running on a freeway means keeping way over on the shoulder, and the shoulders here in South Dakota have a pretty severe camber. Running the same camber all day long is the quickest way to get injured. I’m fine so far, but it has made me a bit asymmetrically sore.

I passed though the town of Wall (which is where the tracker is showing me, although my true location is 10 km further to the east) around 3 pm. For about 50 km leading up to Wall there are giant billboards – about 50 of them – advertising Wall Drug. It turns out to be a large tourist shop – methinks they try too hard.

Tomorrow I press on through the Badlands.