May 27, 2012

Distance today = 55.10 km; Total distance = 6858.99 km; Location = Kadoka  – 43 50.308′ N, 101 30.866′ W; Start time = 0903, Finish time = 1704


Another tough one today, due mainly to soreness associated with the constant camber on the roads over the past couple of days. It was also a long day of 55 km, made even harder at the mental level by the long straight treeless roads. The last 31 km into town was along a dead straight line of tarmac.

I also ran through the Badlands National Park earlier in the day. This is an amazing region of eroded landforms, a little like a mini Grand Canyon. Apparently it used to be an ocean floor, and there are innumerable fossils of ancient sea creatures amongst the hills and spires.

I also had another run-in with a snake. I had walked a few metres off the road and into the grass to answer the call of nature. Suddenly I noticed a brown coloured snake, about a metre and half long, slithering about six inches past my foot. I was back on the road so quickly I almost ran straight out into the freeway traffic.

Libby left today to head back to Australia, via Santa Barbara. Her contribution to the run has been truly invaluable, especially with the setting up of the publicity. I’d like to offer her my deepest gratitude for her contribution. Thanks Lib.