May 3, 2016

I’ve pulled up well after Saturday’s marathon. To be honest, I didn’t run it as hard as I could have, which makes a big difference to the ensuing levels of soreness. If I had run it as hard as possible, I reckon a sub 3 hour 15 min time would have been possible. But I also would have been a lot sorer. However, I really don’t think I’m capable of a sub 3 hour marathon these days, even if I did train specifically for it. Those days are gone.

I was helped on Saturday by Kate, who saved me a lot of time by bringing me drinks on the track. This meant I didn’t have to leave the track to go to the drinks table. Those who were following the world run may remember Kate ran a total of 87 km with me around the Cootamundra and Bundanoon regions, towards the end of the run. A friend of Kate’s, Matt, also helped with drinks on Saturday. Matt ran with me from Robertson to Albion Park during the world run.

And the manager of the drinks table on Saturday was The Hud. He ran further with me in a single day than anyone else during the world run – a whopping 60 km. And then he followed it up with 51 km the next day. He also ran with me on the very first day of the run from the Sydney Opera House, and he also ran with me in Hungary. Also there was Reefton Humblewood (a.k.a. Roderick Coy) who runs the Sutherland Relay for Life. He travelled with us for a few days through South Australia. So Saturday was a bit of a throwback to the my run around the world.

Anyhow, now I have to recover over the next few days and freshen up for my first game of rugby in a third of a century. I should be feeling pretty good by next Saturday. I think I’m going to be a lot more sore by this time next week.

Here’s another photo of me running in the snow in Germany. I look like I’m feeling the cold on this occasion. It was on quiet roads like this that I took to sliding my foot along the road on the frictionless snow, thereby “cross-country skiing” rather than running. At least that’s the way I thought of it.


Day 62 Worndorf - Unlingen, Germany 52.05km - 12


On This Day


May 3, 2012

Distance today = 47.27 km; Total distance = 5960.38 km; Location = Fort Collins, Colorado – 40 31.325′ N, 105 03.155′ W; Start time = 0918, Finish time = 1608




I decided to run a more convoluted route through the countryside today, to escape the freeway and urban sprawl. I’m glad I did, as I found some nice quiet backroads. However, I was only partially successful, as there was still plenty of traffic on many of the roads this afternoon.

It was a sunny day in the high 20s C, but the lack of humidity made it quite pleasant to run in. Tomorrow is predicted to be 30 C. I am wondering what it’s going to be like in a couple of months time when summer really hits.

I saw my first large snake roadkill today. It was about five feet (1.5 m) long, and had light and dark brown markings. The head was squashed, so it was hard to tell which species it was, but I know it wasn’t a rattlesnake.

Now, you may have noticed the three Garmin data links above. You may also recall that twice in the past few weeks the Garmin data has refused to upload. This is a big issue for me, as I place great importance on a full and accurate documentation of every step of my run around the world. This Garmin data allows anyone to zoom in and see the fine detail of where I’ve run that day, even to the extent of seeing which side of the road I’m on. It also shows my speed at every moment of the day and my elevation. There’s no way anyone can cheat when they’re providing this level of documentation.

Well, the Amazing Jimbo has solved The Mystery of the Non-Uploading Data. He found a file repair program on the Garmin web site and managed to upload the data that was sitting in the system. What a genius! We’re not sure exactly why it refuses to upload sometimes – it is not unique to me – but may be related to the battery life of the watch at the time of uploading. While it’s a bit of a mystery, at least we know how to fix it now if it happens again. I have also inserted the relevant links retrospectively into the blogs where they were missing.


May 3, 2013

Distance today = 50.05 km; Total distance = 20,373.32 km; Location = Pirot, Serbia – 43 11.950′ N, 22 33.545′ E; Start time = 0846, Finish time = 1750


My heel felt great when I started out this morning. However, a big mountain pass of more than a thousand feet caused a bit of a relapse. It was probably the worst thing I could have done for the heel. But, once down on the flat, it settled down again, and wasn’t too bad by the end of the day.

The terrain at the moment is very different from the flatness of the past two weeks. We are definitely in the mountains, with some snow still visible on the higher peaks. It’s the part of the mountain range which forms the border between Serbia and Bulgaria.

There are freeways pretty much between every main region of Europe now, except for the stretch we’re in at the moment. However, this is being remedied, and we could see where the new section of freeway is being built. It’s a holiday here for Serbian Easter, and there was a guard watching over a big earth-mover that’s creating the new freeway. Carmel happened to take some photos of me, with the machine in the background. For some reason, this was a no-no. The guard came racing up in his car and pulled in front of us, blocking our way. He made it clear there was to be no photos of the earth-moving equipment – I have no idea why? I thought he was going to try to confiscate the camera, but seemed happy with an apology.

There were a few drops of rain today, during the early afternoon. They were those big lazy drops you get when the clouds can’t make up their mind if they want to rain. In the end, it didn’t, and the heat came back. However, it looks like we are about to have a thunder storm now – night-time is fine by me. It’s actually the first rain since Portugal, although there’s been lots of snow. And certainly the first precipitation of any sort for about a month.

Tomorrow I run into Bulgaria. Serbia has been great, but all countries must come to an end on a world run (except for the last one, of course).

PS Another great win for the Rabbitohs, this time 26-12 over the Broncos in Brisbane – always a hard one to win up there.