May 5, 2020

The 125 km I ran last week was my equal biggest week so far this year. And yesterday’s 3:42 for 1 km was one of my fastest this year. However, it brought home a likely fact – that I may never run under 3:30 for 1 km again. It was only a few years ago that I gave up hope of ever running under 3:00 again. Now 3:30 may be unattainable. That’s age for you.

Today’s videos and photos from my run around the world are from northern Colorado, Serbia, and Bulgaria. The first video was taken from the support vehicle as I ran along a dirt road that paralleled the freeway from Denver to Cheyenne in Wyoming.

A couple of the photos show you why states like Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and the like are referred to as ‘big sky’ states. There are also a couple of photos from Bulgaria, where our good friends, Debbie and Barry, met us in Sofia for the journey from there to Istanbul, including one photo from dinner in Sofia.