Nov 1, 2018

I’m on track to run about 5,500 km this year. I need to cover another 800 km to manage this feat, which should be very achievable given my year so far. My biggest ever year was in 2012 during the world run, when I covered 15,400 km.

In regard to the crowdfunding of my company, Wave Swell Energy, this went ‘public’ this morning. That means it’s now open to anyone in Australia who would like to invest (it is possible from outside Australia too, but a little more work is involved). Just click here┬áto do so. There is quite a lot of press around our crowdfunding at the moment. I appeared on TV last night (in which the presenters also asked me about my world run), there’s an online story in The Australian newspaper today, and I did an ABC radio interview this morning. I expect there’ll be more to come.

It was on this day six years ago that I concluded the North American leg of my run around the world. I finished in Manchester by the Sea, which was the real life town featured in the recent movie of the same name. Below is a map indicating my route across North America, from San Francisco to Manchester by the Sea (a day’s running north of Boston).