Nov 10, 2017

I’m making daily incremental progress with my hamstring tear. Each day I can go longer and faster. Today I did my whole run without having to walk at all, and I was faster too.

If I was back in my football days, this injury would keep me out for weeks. Sprinting is simply impossible with a full blown hamstring tear. It can take some people months before they can compete at a high level again.

However, I’m just jogging slowly. As long as I take it easily enough, I can get back to normal running within a week or two, but sprint work will have to wait till a few weeks after that. I have plenty of time before my next race, which will be in March on King Island.

Today’s world run photo is from Illinois during a very hot and humid day. I just couldn’t bear running in a shirt, such was the heat. So I plastered myself with sunblock and ran with a minimal amount of clothing. It was still uncomfortable, but at least it allowed me to get through my standard 50 km per day.