Nov 11, 2014

The book I’ve written about my run around the world has entered the next phase of publication. As mentioned last time, the notional publication date is August 3 next year. It looks like I will also have a prominent author providing the Foreword for my book. More on that in the future.

My Achilles has been a little sore again the past couple of days. I think it’s because I changed my shoes to a pair with a lower heel lift – the ones I was wearing until a three weeks ago. I still have the heels artificially lifted a little, but it’s not by as much as it has been the past few weeks. It would appear the Achilles is very sensitive to these small differences in heel lift. More reason to be very careful going forward.

Kevin Carr is currently 1,234 km behind where I was at this stage, with 153 days to catch up. That means he needs to average 8 km per day more than I did over the final five months of my world run.


On This Day


Nov 11, 2014

Distance today = 50.04 km; Total distance = 14,351.92 km; Location = Godoy Cruz, Argentina – 32 57.395′ S, 68 51.043′ W; Start time = 0901, Finish time = 1630


Back in the world of the internet tonight. Sorry to those who missed the daily report yesterday. You can find it on-line now too.

Today I ran the final downhill stage of the Andes. I am now officially over the range. It was a beautiful day for running, although the traffic on the road was incredibly heavy, especially for a Sunday. The snow on the higher parts of the mountains last night provided a stunning backdrop to my descent.

I am now in Mendoza, where the tracker is showing me, although my official run position is in Godoy Cruz, a satellite town just south of Mendoza. This is the wine capital of Argentina, and I’m looking forward to sampling a few of their best.

Today was also the 3,000th day in a row that I have run. Sure, there has been the occasional very short day, usually when I’m travelling, but the average during those 3,000 days has been 17.3 km. Once this world run is over, however, I reckon I’ll be backing off that average quite significantly.


Nov 11, 2013

Sorry about the web site being down over the past day or so. It appears be fine now, thanks to the folks at Next Digital.

We had an interesting weekend down at Racecourse Beach, about 300 km south of Sydney. Carmel and I travelled down, along with Debbie and Barry (who accompanied us through Bulgaria and Turkey in May), and Kirsty and Richard (who ran with me from Goulburn to Marulan and beyond).

Besides the usual tennis and beach golf, the wildlife was compelling. Kangaroos, possums, ducks, and rainbow lorikeets were all eating pieces of apple from our hands. They were all wild, but you’d think they were from a farm or zoo. It was nice to see so many animals that were alive, in contrast to all the road kill I got used to on the world run. It was also great to do a bit of running in the countryside again.

We’ll be heading in that direction again in a couple of weeks, this time to the Shoalhaven River with such characters from the world run as The Hud (60 km with me one day, followed by 51 km the next) and Dave (57 km in one day).