Nov 11, 2019

I was feeling pretty fatigued this morning, so I decided on an easier Monday speed session. Nothing too strenuous – just a  simple ladder of 300m (62 sec), 200m (39 sec) and 100m (17 sec). And to think, I could run 100m in 14 sec when I was 10 years old. It would be interesting to watch my 10 year old self thrashing my old self now.

Back to the world run – I was descending the Andes this time in 2012. There’s a video below from that time that involves a few of the many tunnels between the Cristo Redentor Pass and Mendoza at the base. And, as usual, there are several photos, the first being as I came down the dirt road from the top. Carmel was waiting on the paved road (that goes through a  3km long tunnel at 3,100m elevation) and took the photo from a distance. Look hard and you’ll see me against the background of the mountain.