Nov 13, 2014

I thought that by now, more than a year after concluding my run around the world, I’d have very little to do in regard to the run. Not so! With things like the book, the blog, provision of documentation re. the world record, interviews with ESPN, correspondence with Runners World re. the upcoming article, and all manner of other tasks, it’s still taking up a lot of my time. Each is only minor in its own right (except for the book), but they all add up. Not that I’m complaining.

The Achilles is behaving itself reasonably well. I tend to run “on the limit”, which is half the problem. As soon as it feels a bit better, I go either faster, further, or reduce the height of the heel lifts – or all of the above at once. I could do with a little more patience; not something of I possess much.

Kevin Carr has now covered 18,564 km, compared to my 19,862 km at the same stage. He now has 7,668 km to go in 150 days if he’s to set a new world record. That’s 1,298 km more than I had to run with 150 days to go.


On This Day


Nov 13, 2012

There was no blog post on this day, as I was having a day off. Carmel and I were in the convoluted process of changing hire cars from the Chilean vehicle to an Argentinian one.