Nov 13, 2017

Although I can still feel a degree of tightness and a bit of pain in my right hamstring, my actual running is getting close to normal again. Today was the first time I was able to run a kilometre in under six minutes (5:51), and my average pace for an 8 km run was 6:08 per km.

This is not fast, but at least it’s within the normal range. Compared to the 9:40 per km average last Tuesday, the improvement has been rapid. That said, it will still probably be another week or more before I can’t feel the injury at all when I run. At least there are no events in the near term to tempt me to rush the recovery.

Keeping with the theme of the last photo I posted, this one was also taken in Illinois during the extreme heatwave of the 2012 summer. It was a lot more comfortable running wearing just a pair of shorts. It would also have been more comfortable if I hadn’t been wearing a cap, but I wasn’t willing to have the sun on my face all day long.