Nov 14, 2018

On Monday I ran a fast kilometre for the first time in more than two months. I took it fairly easily, not expecting much. I stopped the clock at 3:54, which surprised me, as I felt very comfortable throughout. In fact, it didn’t hurt at all, which I can’t say about the last time I ran a fast 1K. On that occasion, back in early September, the 3:29 I ran hurt quite a lot. I know that 25 seconds is quite a difference, but I feel I could have gotten fairly close to that time if I’d pushed myself to the same degree o Monday. But, with an Achilles that still isn’t quite right, I think I’ll hold off running the really intense efforts for the moment.

Six years ago we were in Mendoza in Argentina. This is a great wine producing region, and Carmel and I certainly availed ourselves of that opportunity. Mendoza is at the very base of the Andes, with the high mountains to the west, and the flat plains of the pampas to the east. Here are a few photos from that time. The first is from the lower reaches of the Andes, while the others are from Mendoza and its surrounds.