Nov 19, 2013

I attended the NSW Australian of the Year Awards last night, along with Carmel and Hannah. It was a great experience, with many inspirational people there. As readers may remember, I predicted some time ago that Adam Goodes would receive the main award, and I’m pleased to say I was correct. I also picked the winners in the other three categories too – Senior Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year, and Local Hero. I was just very happy to be a finalist and it was humbling to take my place among the other finalists.

Yesterday was eventful on another front too. I was working in the backyard during the day with old friend, Peter, and badly strained a muscle in my back. It’s still very painful. Even though it hurts to run, it isn’t bad enough to stop me, and I managed a solid 7 km this morning. I hope it mends soon, as painful running in not enjoyable.