Nov 2, 2014

As I have mentioned many times before, Kevin Carr is currently running around the world. As any world runner would do, he has his eye on the record for Fastest to Circumnavigate the World on Foot; a record currently held by me. I certainly have no problem with that and, in fact, acted as Kevin’s support crew for four days as he approached Sydney back in early June.

So, you may be wondering how Kevin is progressing in regard to the record. He will shortly be featuring his ‘live’ progress regularly on his own web site, but I have decided to also republish his updates on this blog. Kevin will show his progress against my run and that of Jesper Olsen, in both a graphical and numerical format. For the moment I’ll just give you the numbers  against my own run.

Kevin has to date run 18,168 km in 461 days. At the same stage I had run 19,440 km. That means, if he is to break my record for Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot, he needs to run another 8,064 km in 160 days, which is 1,272 km further than I ran in my final 16o days. He is currently averaging about 39.4 km per day, but will need to average over 50 km per day from here on. And that includes any days off, such as when he travels between continents, so the real average per day will be even higher.

It may seem like a big ask, but I know Kevin and I reckon he is up to the challenge. I truly wish him luck. Remember, Kevin is pushing all his gear in a cart, so if he’s able to accomplish the feat, he will be a most deserving recipient of the record.

Whenever Kevin’s live stats are updated I’ll publish it here.

The Achilles is slowly improving. If it was just a matter of giving it time, it would be easy. My concern is that I don’t know what caused this latest flare-up. How do I prevent the same thing in the future if I don’t know what it is I need to prevent. I’m just going to assume it was bad luck on this occasion.


On This Day


Nov 2, 2012

There was no blog post on this day, as Carmel and I had just arrived in Valparaiso, Chile. I began my run across the South American continent the following day.