Nov 20, 2019

I was pleased with my Monday speed session – my old hill sprint in 46.5 sec (210 m at 10% gradient), 200 m in 35.3, and 1 mile in 5:57. An improvement all round on a similar session a few weeks ago.

Today’s photos, all from this time in 2012, are from my stint on the freeway near San Luis in western Argentina. It was a pretty good place to run for a freeway, with wide shoulders. San Luis is the city you can see in the far distance of the first photo. Believe it or not, it’s nearly 50 km away, such was the way the road dipped and rose again. I could see the straight road for that far.

The second photo is from near the bottom of the dip, looking back towards where I’d come. There’s also a humorous pic of me watching Forrest Gump appearing to speak directly to me.