Nov 25, 2019

I felt very tired this morning but, as I’m heading to the Maldives for work later today, I thought I’d do a fast lap of Centennial Park. I traditionally put in a big effort ahead of long flights, as it helps me to sleep on the plane.

Anyhow, I didn’t expect to run a good time. However, my 15:25 was only one second slower than a month ago (and one second faster than the time before that). I was actually a couple of seconds ahead of schedule at each time check, but faded a little on the final section. Pretty happy overall.

More photos from the the Argentinian pampas today – again, very flat. And, once again, a photo of one of my many friendly dogs. And a video of a South American rattlesnake I encountered. If you’re particularly scared of snakes, this one might put you off a bit.