Nov 27, 2017

As stated, I’m taking it easy this week to ensure the Achilles soreness does not become anything more than that. So far, so good. It’s already feeling a lot better.

Last night I caught up with Tony Mangan again. He has paused his walk around the world in Toowoomba and is back in Sydney for a few days. He’ll be heading to New Zealand on Dec 3. After NZ, Tony will be going back to Toowoomba to recommence his walk to Darwin in mid February. Tony and I had a few beers last night in an Irish bar that’s opened just down the road from me. Tony got to talk with many fellow Irish men and women in the bar. It was great to catch up with a fellow world runner/walker in a setting that felt like a bit of Ireland in my own street.

This photo is from Colorado, soon after I’d crossed into the state from New Mexico. Ahead you can see the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, part of the Rockies. I loved running in this sort of countryside, and I think you can see why – beautiful scenery and virtually no traffic.