Nov 28, 2013

On Tuesday I attended to my first set of responsibilities as Oxfam Trailwalker Ambassador. I gave three separate presentations in Melbourne, which I believe were well received. Hopefully I have inspired many of the participants in the Melbourne 100 km Trailwalker event (to be held in early May 2014), as well as given them some useful tips regarding training and how to approach the 100 km itself.

The Trailwalker events are a big part of Oxfam’s fundraising efforts, with the funds themselves going toward crucial efforts to fight poverty throughout the world. I will provide some concrete examples of the successes of these efforts from time to time in this blog.

Some time ago I mentioned the formation of the World Runners Club. The launch of this club is now imminent, so watch this space for more about this important event. It’s a must for anyone contemplating a run of this type.