Nov 6, 2017

The 30th Tour de Bois is now complete. We covered 730 km in total, including over 2,500 metres of climbing (which makes it a pretty flat tour). It’s always a bit difficult getting back to reality after a week on the road.

As for running, the high hamstring tear I incurred in Beechworth on Saturday morning is still hurting. I have to run very slowly, although uphills are much less of an issue. I can also run without pain if I turn slightly side-on, with my right side to the front. But I obviously can’t do this for any length of time without it creating other issues. All the same, it’s a well understood trauma-style injury, and one that will simply take a bit of time to heal. I’m not unduly concerned about it.

Today’s random photo from the world run shows me about to begin my day’s run from Mt Rushmore in the US state of South Dakota. The previous day I’d run past the Crazy Horse monument. Both are close to each other, in the Black Hills.