Nov 8, 2016

Four years ago today (Nov 8 in Australia, Nov 7 in South America) I encountered my most scary episode of the world run. In fact, it was pretty much the scariest episode of my life – coming within inches of falling to my death over a cliff in the Andes. For those who have read my book, you’ll recall the occasion from the opening chapter. I won’t go into it now, but you can read about the details again via the book, or via the blog post from that day by clicking on http://www.tomsnextstep.com/nov-7-2012/.

Coincidentally, that same evening I watched the coverage of the US election, with Barack Obama being returned to office. We’d been in the US most of that election year, experiencing first hand the opinions of many of the citizens in disparate regions of the country. I’m glad I wasn’t running through the US this year. I think I would have found the campaign a bit too intense.

Last week I woke up one morning with a very sore hip. I have no idea why. Ever since it has made both running, walking, turning my torso, and other activities quite painful, although the problem does seem to be subsiding a little now. It has prevented me getting back fully into my running, though I don’t see that as a major issue. I want to come into the New Year feeling refreshed, both in mind and body, ahead of a big year of races. I’ve already mentioned the Oxfam 100 km in April, the Relay for Life Marathon in May, and the Great Red Run in June. There may be an earlier race in March too. More on that if it materialises.

Today’s photo was taken in Colorado Rockies. It looks cold, but I was running in shorts and a T-shirt. Later in the day, however, the snow started to fall in the valleys and I ended up freezing by the time I finished for the day.




On This Day


Nov 8, 2012

Distance today = 46.96 km; Total distance = 14,201.34 km; Location = Uspallata, Argentina (37 km west of) – 32 47.049′ S, 69 37.441′ W; Start time = 0948, Finish time = 1814


It was a very long day, and I’m very tired, so I’ll keep this report short.

After yesterday’s drama, I had a somewhat disturbed sleep, and awoke feeling decidely below par. Regardless, I had to get out on the road.

We drove back to where I’d stopped yesterday and I started running. It was all going smoothly, running past great gorges and canyons, lined by massive mountains. As I ran down the valley, I had a fantastic view of Aconcagua, the world’s highest mountain outside of the Himalayas. I was at nearly 3000 metres in altitude, yet it towered nearly another 4000 metres above me. What a mountain!!!

I’d covered about 30 km when we reached a border check point. It turned out that we’d missed the earlier passport control, which was nearly 20 km back. So I had to turn off my Garmin, and we drove back to get all the Argentinean documentation completed. This took about an hour and a half, after an already late start.

I then continued on, meeting a couple of British cyclists who were riding across Argentina and Chile. I let them know about the pass – they will either wheel their bikes on the narrow footpath through the tunnel, or get someone to give them a lift (something I can’t do). I only realised after the fact, though, that I could have run through the tunnel on the footpath. But then I wouldn’t have had such a story to tell!!!

Please note, the tracker is showing me in Uspallata, although my official run position is some distance to the west. This is because I will have no mobile phone reception until we get new Argentine SIM cards, which might have to wait until we reach Mendoza in three days time. In the meantime, I can only send the tracker position via the Wifi at a hotel each evening.