Oct 1, 2020

I felt like taking another crack at a 1 km time trial this morning in an attempt to beat my recent PB of 3:22. However, I must have made an error when I checked the time through the 800 mark. I thought I had no chance, so I just kept up a steady pace instead of sprinting the final 200 metres. Bad decision. Despite easing right up over the final 25 metres, I still managed a 3:23. I would easily have run a few seconds faster had I sprinted the last bit. That’s a lesson learned – always push through to the end. You never know what it might yield.

The photos below are from my time running close to the shores of Lake Erie as I approached the city of Buffalo in upstate New York. We stayed the night of Sept 30, 2012 in the town of Dunkirk (pictured), right on the lake.