Oct 12, 2014

My Achilles was certainly great today. In fact, I could barely even feel the injury. It was a joy to have that sense of running strongly without any pain. I’d still like to wait a couple of days before revealing my thoughts as to why it’s improving so rapidly, though the exercises the physio gave me are undoubtedly helping too.

I have now been invited by the President of the World Runners Association to submit my world run documentation for official ratification. I will do that in the next couple of days. I’m hoping it will then only take a week or two before my run is ratified and I’m officially awarded the world record for the Fastest Circumnavigation of the Earth on Foot. I’m understandably looking forward to that announcement. That will be my favourite blog post for sure.


On This Day


Oct 12, 2012

Distance today = 50.72 km; Total distance = 13,052.76 km; Location = Scranton, Pennsylvania – 41 27.272′ N, 75 38.906′ W; Start time = 0813, Finish time = 1558


It was a wintery day – just perfect for running. And I’m getting back into the top end of the Appalachian Mountains, with the hills popping up more regularly.

I finished the day in the town of Scranton, which happens to be VP Joe Biden’s home town. It’s a very hilly and quite picturesque region, but the lack of consideration by town planners for pedestrians remains a problem. Coming into town, I ran through suburbs where residents would need to have driven just to see a neighbour two doors down. Seriously, there was nowhere to go but into the traffic, and it was heavy. No wonder I see no-one running, or even walking. It must surely be one of the contributors to the obesity problem.


Oct 12, 2013

I’m continuing to make progress toward running faster. I keep the distances relatively small – 12 km has been my longest run since finishing at the Opera House – but I either run the whole lot at a faster pace, or I throw in some very fast shorter bits. All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how it’s going, though I still have a way to go before I’m back to pre-world run speed.

I have also begun the long process of writing a book about my adventures on the world run. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I will keep readers apprised of the progress.

I also have some very interesting news, some of which I’m not at liberty to reveal just yet. The Australian National Library has requested permission to archive the web site. If the web site was a book, this would be akin to including it as one of the books in the library. The web site will now be readily available to any and all researchers or other interested people. As for the other piece of news, it’s even bigger, but will have to wait until I have permission to reveal it. As soon as that occurs, I will write about it in this space.