Oct 14, 2019

This morning I ran another fast lap of Centennial Park. My regular Monday speed work seems to be paying off, as the 15:26 I ran was my fastest in more than two and half years, and only eights seconds slower than my fastest time in more than four years. And I felt supremely comfortable throughout.

My aim is to get back down under 15 minutes again, though I’ll never again reach the heights of the distant past, when I was regularly running in the low 13 mins, and sometimes in the high 12 mins.

Today’s photos are from my second stint in Pennsylvania. These ones are all from between Scranton (Joe Biden’s home town) and Nazareth, where they make the very high quality Martin guitars. It was an exciting time, as I was nearing New York City and, soon after that, the end of my run across North America and the start of South America.