Oct 16, 2014

The injury has continued to be a little sore the past couple of days, but I reckon that’s because I’ve upped the loading in the exercises and I’m running constantly on my forefoot again, for the first time since early August. Overall, it continues to improve. The coming week will see more cycling than running, so that should help it further.

I am strongly considering running the Anzac Ultra next April, a race conducted in the environs of Canberra. If so, I will do the one lap course (145 km), although there is also a two (290 km) and three lap (435 km) race taking up to six days. I’d be intending to complete the 145 km in under 24 hours, which will be enough of a challenge, given my previous longest single day run is only 105 km.


On This Day


Oct 16, 2012

Distance today = 40.19 km; Total distance = 13,250.65 km; Location = Princeton, New Jersey – 40 20.185′ N, 74 40.932′ W; Start time = 0808, Finish time = 1410


A relatively short day today, to the town of Princeton, NJ. For those who don’t know, this is a famous university town, with many great minds having lived here. One of the best known, Albert Einstein, lived his last twenty years in Princeton, after fleeing Nazi Germany in the mid 1930s.

We are very appreciative to be staying with Craig, a member of the Tour de Bois, and his wife Julie and daughter Zoe. They have a great place, not too far from Einstein’s house. I last saw Craig two years ago, after we’d cycled from Adelaide to Mount Gambier. That trip included two memorable nights spent in the Barossa Valley, sampling some very fine reds.

Tomorrow I start heading toward NYC.