Oct 16, 2017

Finished with 115 km last week. That’s 365 km in three weeks.

Unfortunately, or perhaps it’s actually fortunate, I now believe the general tightness and soreness I’ve had in and around my right gluteus muscle is what is known as high hamstring tendinopathy. It certainly fits all the symptoms.

The problem has sort of come and gone for me over the past three years, and this time it’s not overly acute. It does mean I’ll have to reduce my running for a while though. But at least I’m pretty sure what it is this time, so it should be easier to ensure I address the issue properly.

This photo was taken in a pub in Hamilton, NZ, during my world run. On the left (my right) is Chook, and the other guy is his brother Don. Both met me again several months later in Connecticut and travelled with us to Boston. Chook ran much of that distance with me. I’ll be catching up with Chook again at the end of next week for the 30th Tour de Bois.