Oct 16, 2018

I ran 120 km last week, maintaining my 100+ km per week average for the year. However, the 2018 Tour de Bois starts this weekend, so my running will drop off for a week. That’s probably not a bad thing, given the high volume so far this year.

Six years ago today I reached Princeton, NJ, during my run around the world, stopping at the house where Einstein lived for twenty years before his death in 1955. I was to visit the location of his birth at Ulm in Germany, several months later.

That night we stayed in Princeton with my Tour de Bois friend, Craig Wallace, and his wife and daughter. Below are several photos from the day, including Craig and me enjoying a red wine.

Finally, just a reminder, if you have any interest in buying a stake in the wave energy company I head up, don’t forget to register your interest on https://equitise.com/wave-swell-energy-raise. And be sure to tell your friends too.