Oct 19, 2016

I’m in Melbourne this week and my run this morning took me along part of the same route I traversed when I ran into Melbourne on my world run. On that occasion I ran straight down Spencer Street, past the railway station and on to the The Age newspaper building, where I did an interview on the lawn outside. This morning I ran that same course, more than three years later.

Here’s another photo from the Big Sur stretch of coastline in California. You can just make me out as a black dot on the bridge. It wasn’t too much later that I reached San Simeon, where the Hearst Mansion is located. The girls (Carmel, Libby, and Jenny) spent half a day there. I just kept on running past “the big house on the hill”, but I could see it from the road.




On This Day


Oct 19, 2012

Distance today = 27.84 km; Total distance = 13,387.90 km; Location = New York City, NY – 40 46.403′ N, 73 58.666′ W; Start time = 1010, Finish time = 1433


I began the day with an appearance on Good Day New York, one of the leading morning television programs. Great exposure for the run, Oxfam, and Next Digital.

The weather was terrible, but I enjoyed the day regardless. I headed down through Times Square to Tribeca, where I was joined by Aussie Mark for part of the run. Mark is organizing New York’s inaugural ultramarathon fun run, the MadhattanRun.com, around the island.

We passed the old World Trade Centre site, and rounded Battery Point. Mark then headed back to his office, while I ran up through China Town and Little Italy. It was then on past some of my favourite haunts from days gone by – Balthazar and the Mercer Hotel, then up past the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the Waldorf Astoria (where Obama and Romney cracked jokes last night), and finished, what was a short day, at Central Park.

I had major issues with the Garmin, as the tall buildings often prevented it from seeing the satellites. I’ve had to carefully remeasure my course using Google Earth, as the Garmin missed many kilometres in the centre of the city.

About to head out with Carmel, Mark, and Katie (Hannah’s good friend in NY) for drinks and dinner. Will let you know how that goes in tomorrow’s blog.