Oct 21, 2013

I have now officially submitted my documentation to the relevant authorities to have my run around the Earth ratified as a new world record. I’m not sure how long the ratification process will take – it could be some time – but will certainly mention it on this blog site when I get confirmation. As many know, the current world record holder is Jesper Olsen from Denmark, with 662 days. My run took 622 days.

I noticed the other day that I reached 3,333 days of consecutive running. In other words, I have not had a day without running in that length of time. No, I don’t count the days – my running log spreadsheet automatically tallies the days for me and provides a summary, which I happened to glance at the other day.

I had my annual medical check-up this morning. Although I won’t get the results of the blood test for a few days, all other indicators were very positive, including perfect blood pressure of 110/70. Running around the world must have a good effect on the body, or was it the red wine every night, supplemented with meat pies and the occasional Chiko Roll during the Australian leg?