Oct 22, 2019

I did a slightly unusual speed session yesterday, running 200 metres (36.9 sec) and 1 mile (6:02). Gone are the days when I used to run mile repeats in the low five minutes. For the record, my best ever mile on the track was 4:34, but that was when I was 23 years old.

Anyhow, it was good to mix up the fast distances. Doing the same thing all the time leads to boredom and, ultimately, an unwillingness to train hard. I’d prefer to keep mentally fresh with variety.

Today’s photos from 2012 are all from Connecticut. As you can see, this time of year is when all the leaves turn pretty colours and fall from the trees. I also dropped in to do an interview with ESPN executive, Jason, an Aussie living in Connecticut at the time. His team then came out on the road to do more filming.