Oct 24, 2018

Sorry for the paucity of updates recently. I’ve been very busy. After heading off for a couple of days to get the Tour de Bois underway, I returned to Sydney. Carmel recently had a double knee replacement and, although she’s getting great care in a rehab hospital (and walking several hundreds of metres each day), I need to be back to ensure she gets what she requires from home and to support her recovery. I also have a very busy week of work.

Six years ago today I ran into the small Connecticut town of Essex, as I neared the end of the North American leg of my run around the world. I’d been to Essex several times in the past, always staying at the historic Griswold Inn, which was built in 1776. Of course, we stayed at the ‘Gris’ again. At the time, Carmel and I were travelling with Chook and his brother, Don. And we caught up with an old work colleague of mine, Betsy, who lives just down the road. Below are some photos from that time, including one of Betsy and myself at dinner, and another of Chook and me leaving the Griswold Inn in the morning, on our way to the town of Mystic.