Oct 28, 2014

No real improvement with the injury today. It’s a complete mystery to me how it could be almost back to 100% and then, without anything obvious occurring, go backwards so fast. I felt no pain whatsoever while cycling, and the running was slow and minimal. It’s so counterintuitive that ‘less’ can result in a worse outcome than ‘more’. I’ll keep working at the rehab exercises, hoping it’s just a short term relapse.

Tony Mangan has now finished the final stage of his world run by competing in the Dublin Marathon, the same way he began his world run four years ago. His 50,000 km is a truly amazing feat. Well done,Tony, and I hope you thoroughly enjoy the limelight and the ensuing rest. And good on Jesper Olsen for running the last week with Tony.

For those who are interested, I have attached the Garmin links for last week’s Tour de Bois route. These show the course, pace, vertical profile, and temperature for each day.








On This Day


Oct 28, 2012

Distance today = 45.03 km; Total distance = 13,805.74 km; Location = Woonsocket, Rhode Island – 41 59.533′ N, 71 29.092′ W; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1532


I found out last night that Hannah had organized a fundraising event at our house in Sydney, assisted by Grace, with the proceeds going to my run charity, Oxfam. It was a big surprise to me. The event was well attended and raised over $1,000, with prizes donated by various local businesses. I would really like to thank the following:

DJ Spinal for DJing the event

Shona Joy

The Runners Shop

Sven’s Pizzas

Paddington Arms

A Touch of Genius salon, Maroubra



Pulse Hair, Maroubra

Jewellery by Vintage Nights

Lovage Magazine

Jewellery by Ilana Davies

Thanks also to everyone who attended, and a special thanks to Hannah and Grace for organizing it, and to Mark and Janet Lawrence for running the BBQ.

Despite this news, I had a bit of a hard day. For some reason, my feet ached all day. The day was a little shorter than normal, but that was simply due to the distance to the hotel. I’m sure tomorrow will be OK, although I’ll probably get wet and blown about by the hurricane.

Luckily I ran along the Rhode Island coast yesterday, as it is likely to be inundated by a storm surge tomorrow. As I passed through Narragansett yesterday, I was right on the beach and, for the first time since Los Angeles in Februrary, I could smell the ocean. I have taken it for granted all my life, having always lived within a couple of kilometres from the coast. The past eight months have been the longest I’ve ever been away from the ocean. While it’s a nice respite, I’d better get used to being inland, as I still have a few continents to cross.