Oct 29, 2018

Back in Sydney again after attending the final day of the Tour de Bois over the weekend. And Carmel is home today after three weeks in hospital and rehab. She’s doing very well and could even walk up the ten steps at the front of our house. Amazing, considering she had both knees replaced just three weeks ago.

Just quickly in regard to the Wave Swell Energy equity crowdfunding investment opportunity, there appear to be a few misconceptions. Yes, anyone investing will receive shares in the company – you will end up being a joint-owner of the company. And, secondly, besides a five day ‘cooling off’ period after investing, you will also receive every cent back if the company fails to raise the minimum required to ensure the King Island project goes ahead. I hope that clears up any issues. If you’re interested, go to¬†https://equitise.com/offer/regular/wave-swell-energy-limited-1

Six years ago today Chook and I were running during the infamous Hurricane Sandy in Massachusetts. We were actually on the early part of the Boston Marathon course, getting blown around wildly by the intense winds. That afternoon we ran the Hopkinton to Framingham section of the course. There are a few photos below of the occasion. As you’ll see, we were actually having fun. BTW, I caught up with Chook on the Tour Bois these past two weekends. He actually lives in New Zealand.