Oct 4, 2012

Distance today = 55.10 km; Total distance = 12,635.63 km; Location = Albion – 43 13.931′ N, 78 11.649′ W; Start time = 0809, Finish time = 1627


I had a very pleasant day of running, although a mix up at the end meant I had to do an extra 3 km that doesn’t count. All the same, I did chalk up over 55 km that did count.

During the morning I met a dog – a beautiful chocolate Labrador who had broken her chain. The chain was dragging behind her. She was unbelievably friendly, but as dumb as …..(Watto, your call) when it came to the road. Three times I had to stop cars before they hit her. She was just running straight out in front of them. Carmel arrived, and we tied the dog’s chain to a fire hydrant, as none of the nearby houses were answering the door. Hopefully the owner will see the dog. I expect they already have, as she was in plain sight of the road.

Around lunchtime I passed through the town of Lyndonville. I looked down from a bridge into a river, and was amazed to see numerous salmon, each nearly three feet long, swimming around and trying to jump up into the water flowing out of a drainage tunnel. They were obviously confused as to where they were.

Later in the afternoon I reached the town of Albion and crossed the Erie Canal. This canal was built in the early 1800s, and is over 500 km long, linking the Hudson River with Lake Erie. It was an amazing engineering feat for its time. The town of Albion was a nice surprise too, with some unique architecture.

Stay tuned for a big milestone tomorrow.