Oct 7, 2017

Yesterday I ran Centennial Park in 15:52. Again, I did it comfortably, without any real stress on my lungs. My legs, however, did feel very heavy, courtesy of the 130 km I ran last week. And this week will end up being around 120 km too. I can’t expect to do time trials feeling fresh when I’m doing mileage like that. But running moderately fast when tired will prepare me for the rigours of a quick 32 km on King Island next March.

On a completely different note, our daughter, Hannah, gets married today to Charlie. Readers will recall that Hannah ran with me in Missouri, Arkansas, and Australia during my run around the world, as well as meeting us in Chicago and spending a few days there with us. I’m looking forward to a novel experience (being father of the bride), but I’m sure Hannah is looking forward to it a whole lot more.

A couple of days ago I posted a photo of Mt Ruapehu in NZ. That photo was taken in the afternoon as I concluded my day of running. This ¬†photo was taken the next morning from pretty much the same spot. This time the clouds had abated, revealing the peak in all its splendour. By the way, it’s 2,800 metres high.