Oct 8, 2018

Something a little different today. As some readers are aware, for many years I’ve been involved in developing a technology that converts the energy in ocean waves into electricity. In fact, back in 2007 I was the first person to be inducted into the International Ocean Energy Hall of Fame at a big ceremony in Hawaii.

The technology is now at the commercialisation stage, and the company I founded to develop the technology, Wave Swell Energy, of which I am the CEO, is now building the first commercial demonstration of the technology at King Island in Bass Strait. We’ve raised 80% of the funding required for this project, and are now attempting to raise the the remaining 20% via crowd funding.

If anyone is interested in investing in this energy source of the future, please have a look at the following link – https://equitise.com/wave-swell-energy-raise – and you’ll see the Coming Soon notice. More details will follow on that site, but I’ll keep you updated here too. By the way, this is not like other wave energy technologies you may have heard about. The Wave Swell technology has no moving parts whatsoever in the water, so access for maintenance is easy and there is no chance of any harm to marine life. We believe the technology will eventually be one of the lowest cost forms of energy in the world, and completely sustainable and emissions free. Anyhow, you can find out more about how it works from www.waveswellenergy.com.au.

I’ll keep you informed as to when the investment opportunity is “live”. You will need to register beforehand, so keep watching the Equitise site I quoted above. And please refer this information to anyone you know who you feel may be interested, but doesn’t read my blog.

Now, back to running – this time six years ago I was running in upstate New York, passing several Amish people in horse and buggies and on bikes that day. You can see some photos from this day below, including some of lovely running roads in the Autumn, and a friendly encounter with a pig.