Sep 1, 2013

Distance today = 48.57 km; Total distance = 25,718.40 km; Location = Harefield – 34 57.262’ S, 147 31.633′ E; Start time = 0859, Finish time = 1621


We had a great time last night, catching up with Watto and Marie, along with Jenny, Sue, and The Hud. And this time, Watto didn’t get turfed out of Romano’s for drunkenness.

The others headed off home this morning, as I headed back to my starting location. I was met by a local runner, Anthony Metcalfe, who ran with me into Wagga. He had found me via the tracker. Thanks for the company, Anthony. And Hannah and Grace both called me this morning for Father’s Day, so I had plenty of company.

I was back on my own during the afternoon, after nearly 150 km running with others. After lunch in town, I ran through lush fields of green and yellow, with a few hills thrown in.

The afternoon was a little different to normal, with my old school and footy friend, Brian Love, keeping me informed as to how the Warilla Gorillas were doing in their semi-final. The Lovemeister would text me each time there was a score. I was very pleased to see that the Gorillas prevailed over Milton-Ulladulla, and will now meet Gerringong next week.

I also spoke this afternoon to The Hud, who was basking in his glory at a Father’s Day lunch. He told me that he will not attack Chook’s aggregate record, as he respects him too much. He had no problem demolishing Dave’s and Eric’s records, though. Now that Dave holds no records, will he have a crack at Chook’s record? He only needs another 64 km to beat it.