Sep 17, 2020

During my warmup this morning I decided to attempt 1500 metres in my weekly time trial. I naturally gave a bit of thought to the time I might do. It occurred to me that, should I run under 5:26, I’d be within two minutes of the world record. I know, that’s still a big gap, but it’s something to aim for and, for someone who is nearly 60 years old, I reckon it’s not too bad – I’ll happily take it.

Anyhow, I ran the 1500 metres fairly comfortably, stopping the clock at 5:23 (equivalent to about a 5:45 mile). So I am still able to run that distance within two minutes of the actual world record. Given my PB is 4:13 (set in 1984), I wonder if I can get to within one minute of that time? I only have another 10 secs to go. Something to aim for.

Today’s video and photos are from my time in West Virginia during the world run. These images say it all – a beautiful place to run, with so many trees, valleys, and quiet back roads.