Sep 18, 2019

As has become my habit lately, I did a speed work session a couple of days ago. On this occasion I decided on something a little different – a ladder (as it’s called). I ran 400m (80 sec), 300m (61 sec), 200m (37.6), and 100m (17.4) – not fast for some, but these days it represents speed work to me. I only had a short 50 metre jog between each.

I mentioned my friend, Eric, in the last post, and his target of 3:50 for the Sydney Marathon. Well, it turns out Eric is very good at pacing himself. He ran 3:50:42. Well done, Eric.

Seven years ago today I was running in the northern part of West Virginia, with a couple of days to go to Pennsylvania. Below is a video from that day, along with a few photos from that time. The video is basically of me running, so you might be more interested in the lovely countryside. And have a close look at the sign in the angled photo.