Sep 22, 2012

Distance today = 49.88 km; Total distance = 12,019.74 km; Location = Ligonier – 40 14.620′ N, 79 14.431′ W; Start time = 0803, Finish time = 1547


Once again, another very hilly day, but one in which I passed the 12,000 km mark for the run so far. I have run the last 1000 km in just 19 days.

I crossed paths this morning with a local runner, Dennis, who then ran with me for the next 9 km. It was good to have a chat with someone else for a change, instead of just having discussions inside my head.

I was pretty much on quiet back roads for most of the day, running through rustic rural countryside.

I have a bad internet connection today, so I will keep today’s report short, in case I lose it all. Good luck to the Tour de Bois, who will be setting out on their first day of cycling in a few hours.