Sep 3, 2016

Back in Sydney now, which means back to my usual running haunts. I can’t complain too much. I have Centennial Park just down the road, along with the coastal trails and beaches. Anyhow, I will end up with over 100 km this week, most of which was run in Launceston. Still no major issues after the 12 hour run.

This ‘old favourite’ is a photo from October 2012 as I ran beside the Erie Canal in upstate New York. Yes, this is how wide the canal is, but it was actually even thinner when it was first opened in 1825. There are cycling/walking trails virtually along the whole length of the canal. I thoroughly enjoyed my time running there.


Erie Canal


On This Day


Sep 3, 2012

Distance today = 47.58 km; Total distance = 11,036.11 km; Location = Edmonton, Kentucky – 36 58.759′ N, 85 36.896′ W; Start time = 0810, Finish time = 1536


The temperature isn’t perfect yet, but just about everything else today was. I took very quiet back roads with almost no traffic, and consequently enjoyed the undulating hills through lush Kentucky bluegrass country. I had a shorter day, which I felt I deserved after the recent big week. The milestone for the day was passing the 11,000 km mark.

I am clearly not on the tourist trail. Except in the big cities, we see no other tourists at all. Nor do I see any other runners, and I think I’ve seen just one cyclist in the past two weeks. I guess people just don’t exercise outside much in these parts, at least not during the summer.

I saw a new crop today. It looked like giant cos lettuces, but with yellowing bits. I noticed many of them hanging up to dry in barns, where they were turning brown. I’m guessing it’s tobacco – the death crop.

I also noticed two scavenger birds picking at a dead skunk. They were very large and black – like crows, but much bigger. They flew off sluggishly as I approached, then circled and headed back to the skunk after I’d passed. I must find out what they are.

Coming into town, I noticed an aluminium recycling plant. It prompted me to provide a friendly spelling lesson for the American readers. Note the spelling of aluminium, with two ‘i’s. The element aluminium, a metal and number 13 on the periodic table, ends in the same three letters as the majority of known elements, such as helium, lithium, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, radium, and uranium. It is not spelt aluminum, although there are a couple of elements that do end in ‘num’, such as molybdenum and lanthanum. I am not sure when or why Americans began spelling the word incorrectly.

I am now heading in a generally easterly direction, toward the Appalachian Mountains. I’ve heard they’re beautiful, and it should be great to run through them.


Sep 3, 2013

Distance today = 49.12 km; Total distance = 25,818.17 km; Location = Harden, NSW – 34 32.374’ S, 148 19.446′ E; Start time = 0832, Finish time = 1602


The last couple of days have been quite a bit warmer than any other day so far on the run in Australia. It has only been about 23 C in the shade, but in the low 30s in the direct sunshine.

Kate ran the first 14 km with me this morning, and the final 16 km as well. Her 30 km is the most she has ever run in one day. She only took up running at the beginning of last year, about the time I set off on the world run. I reckon she has quite a long running future in front of her.

Kate ran with me into Cootamundra, a very nice country town. I then headed to Wallendbeen, where she joined me again, finishing in Harden Murrumburrah. It was quite a hilly day, which is something I am going to have to get used to over the next week.

Kate, Tony, and Sue are staying with Carmel and me again tonight (different rooms, of course). It’s great to have company.