Sep 4, 2017

As promised, on Saturday I did an identical run in Kinsale to one I ran back in 2009. At 13 km in length, it was the longest single run I’ve done since the Big Red Run back in late June (I have totalled more in a single day, but those were made up of more than one run). It was a lovely run to the west of the town, and very green, as you’d expect from Ireland.

I’ve just now completed a similar length run in Hyde Park, London. I can’t remember the last time I was in London, but it was a long time ago too – probably also 2009. I used to visit the city quite regularly for work, and Hyde Park was always my favourite place to run, having first run there in 1986. So I think today was my first run in Hyde Park in eight years.

As many readers know, Tony Mangan (holder of the world record for the longest world run, at 50,000 km) is currently walking around the world. He’s in Australia and is, at the moment, coincidentally following a course identical to my world run course. There’s nothing too amazing about that, as it’s a fairly logical route when you’re approaching Sydney from the south-west.

What is amazing, however, is that yesterday, Sept 3, 2017, he ran through Cootamundra. And I ran through the same town on Sept 3, 2013. Similar things are likely to occur for a few more days, until our respective timing gets out of sync. Just a little bit of trivia.

Today’s photo is from the very early days of my world run. Oamaru is a very nice town on the South Island of NZ, between Dunedin and Christchurch. The local paper published a story about my run, as you can see from this photo.