Sep 6, 2018

I ran a kilometre in 3:29 this morning, a new recent personal best (my all time best 1 km is 2:37, from back in 1983 when I was 22). And the most pleasing thing about today was that I was far from fresh. In fact, I’d already run 68 km in the first three days of this week, and my legs felt fairly heavy when I started this morning. So a 3:29 was a great result.

Five years ago today I was closing in on the finish of the world run in Sydney. On this day I ran from the west of Gunning to about 10 km from Goulburn, mainly along the old highway. The old highway, despite still being a reasonably good quality road, has almost no traffic. So much so, that on that day NSW Cycling were conducting their state time trial championships on the same road. You can see a cyclist passing me in one of these photos. The first photo is as I passed through Gunning. The last photo shows me patting some dogs in the same town while enjoying a milkshake.