Sep 6, 2021

When I turned 60 earlier this year, I wasn’t entirely certain if I would ever be able to run 5 km again in under 20 minutes. My all-time PB is 16:34 from the mid 80s, but I hadn’t run 5 km in under 20 minutes since 2015. I managed a 20:25 last October, but that hurt. Was another 25 seconds possible?

So I had a crack today. My plan was to try to sit on 4 minutes per km for the first 4 km, and then see what I had left over the final K. My splits were 3:59, 4:02, 4:00, 3:58, I finished with a 3:44 to stop the clock at 19:43, feeling quite comfortable. I was obviously very happy with that. I recall my first ever 5 km race when I was 21 years old, and I only managed 19:35 then. I guess that can be my next target but, before that, I might try a 10 km time trial. I have no illusions of running that in under 40 mins though.

The world run posts for today are from Kentucky. I was running a lot slower then than I did today.


Sep 4, 2012


Distance today = 50.43 km; Total distance = 11,086.54 km; Location = Columbia – 37 09.166′ N, 85 18.509′ W; Start time = 0825, Finish time = 1640


More quiet back roads through nice forests, but it was super hilly. Not long hills, but some were very steep. The morning was overcast, but the afternoon saw the sun emerge – it got very hot and sticky.

I reached the town of Columbia and Carmel picked me up. Then we had an experience straight from the Prohibition days. You see, the local Taliban have banned the sale of alcohol in this and some of the neighbouring counties. While in the town’s Walmart, Carmel was informed there was a bootlegger in town and was given directions. After she picked me up, we found the joint – a modern day drive-thru speakeasy on the edge of town – and made some covert purchases. It was hilarious, with other “customers” all having a joke with each other as they bought what is supposed to be banned in town.

Looking ahead, if any friends have an interest in joining us in South America, we will be arriving in Santiago on Oct 31, where I will be running to Buenos Aires. If you are keen to accompany us, for any length of time, please let us know. There are plenty of highlights to be had, including the Andes and Mendoza region, the epicentre of the Argentinian wine country.


Sep 5, 2012


Distance today = 54.98 km; Total distance = 11,141.52 km; Location = Lebanon – 37 34.154′ N, 85 15.262′ W; Start time = 0809, Finish time = 1700


The day started with a light fog and cool temps. It didn’t last long. Within an hour the heat and humidity was rife.

I had a quiet back road to run on for the first 10 km, but then struck the familiar “no shoulder” problem on the main road. It wasn’t the worst case I’d encountered, but it still detracts from the enjoyment of the run.

A young policeman stopped me at one point – I thought I’d done something wrong – but he only wanted to shake my hand and wish me luck. Carmel had filled him in further up the road. We also met some fun women – a local from “down the road”, and two Scottish tourists – at a liquor store just over the county line. They had to travel to another county due to the draconian prohibition laws that exist in some counties. I hadn’t realised it before this trip, but there are many parts of the US that are living a century in the past.

I also crossed another time zone today. We’re now on the same time as New York. As far as time zones are concerned, I’ve now officially crossed the US.

The day finished with me getting absolutely soaked by a thunder storm. It was really quite nice to get that cool. I haven’t been used to running in such low temperatures for months. This occurred as I climbed a pass to reach a plateau on which the town of Lebanon sits. The forests and countryside were quite stunning, even in the pouring rain.


Sep 6, 2012


Distance today = 50.18 km; Total distance = 11,191.66 km; Location = Danville – 37 37.093′ N, 84 45.920′ W; Start time = 0842, Finish time = 1703


Great back roads were the order of the day. While the lack of shoulders persisted to some degree, the lack of cars made it a good day regardless.

One road I was on was just about perfect. The Tour de Bois would have loved it – it was very quiet, and with a new hot mix surface, it was as smooth as …. (I’ll leave the completion of that simile to Watto from Wagga Wagga).

Otherwise, it was a fairly quiet day. A reporter from the local Lebanon newspaper came out for an interview, which gave me a nice break. After that, I just ran and enjoyed the scenery. Kentucky is quite hilly and very picturesque -perfect for running when you find quiet roads.