Sep 7, 2016

Feeling pretty good on the road, with another good run today. Now I have to decide on a new focus for the months ahead. This time last year I was concentrating on the Icarus 12 hour race in Florida. I won’t be in a position do that race this year, so I need to find something else to direct my attention toward.

Speaking of the Icarus Ultrafest race, below is a photo of me in that race (taken by my fellow world runner, Tony Mangan). It’s interesting to compare my body shape here with the photo further below from my world run. The difference is stark. I estimate I was about 10 kg lighter during the world run. Yet I was still able to win the 12 hour race in Florida, as bulky as I was. I sometimes wonder how I would have done in that 12 hour race had I been as light as I was in the bottom photo.


Icarus 12 Hour 2



On This Day


Sep 7, 2012

Distance today = 52.13 km; Total distance = 11,243.79 km; Location = Richmond, Kentucky – 37 44.102′ N, 84 19.583′ W; Start time = 0831, Finish time = 1651


Another great back road today, though I had to get the first 18 km out of the way before I reached it. Almost no traffic at all, and lots of trees to give me shade. Very nice.

We did have a major drama, however. Carmel pulled into a driveway to do a U-turn along a remote part of the road. A guy immediately raced out the front door and aimed a rifle straight at her. She explained what she was doing and he let her go, but she was understandably very upset by the ordeal. Why would a person’s first reaction to such an innocuous situation be to pick up a gun? I was recently told that it is considered irresponsible in the US not to have a gun to protect your family and property. Personally, I feel sorry for anyone who lives in such fear they consider it necessary to keep a gun to protect themselves.

Anyhow, the rest of the day passed uneventfully, but it did get very hot. Relief is in sight, though. The next week is predicted to be markedly cooler that it has been for months. Bring on the autumn.


Sep 7, 2013

Distance today = 46.73 km; Total distance = 26,012.37 km; Location = Marulan, NSW – 34 42.452’ S, 150 02.774′ E; Start time = 0817, Finish time = 1553


Lots happening today. After a short run into Goulburn, I was joined by Richard and Barry. Barry and Debbie had surprised me last night by turning up in Goulburn – the first time we’ve seen them on the road since Istanbul – and we all had dinner with Poddy and Ann in town.

My cousin, Karen, also came down for a lightning visit today, running 10 km with us out of Goulburn. Poddy also joined in on his bike. It was all freeway running, but the time passed quickly as we ran as a group.

As we approached Marulan, my uncle and aunt, Alan and Nola, were waiting by the side of the road to surprise me, along with another cousin, Warren. It was nice to see them after many years.

I had to duck into a polling booth in Marulan, to vote in the Federal election, after which, I ran a short distance with Barry to conclude the day. I passed two milestones during the day – 26,000 km and 99% of the journey complete. Barry totalled 20 km today, and Richard 22 km.

It was a very warm day, apparently 29 C in Sydney, so it appears we are well out of winter now. Tomorrow I’ll be heading along the Southern Highlands, getting ever closer to the coast.