Jan 1, 2012

Distance today = 25.51 km; Total distance = 42.28 km; Location = Gibbston –  45 01′ 28.3″′ S, 168 57′ 40.1″ E; Start time = 1445, Finish time = 1734.

An early rise, off to the airport after some teary goodbyes, and on to the plane to Queenstown. Met the Next Digital Chairman, Roger Sharp, on arrival, and headed off to pick up the support vehicle (many thanks to Chook for supplying it). A quick change and I started running soon after, managing to cover 25.51 kms, finishing at the sleepy town of Gibbston, on the road to Cromwell. Still getting used to the mechanics of the blog and website. When I work it out and become more efficient with my time, I will honour my promise of writing in paragraphs. Currently enjoying a champagne with Roger and the girls.